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Join the ERRC Cadets

  • Posted on:  Tuesday, 06 March 2012 01:00


The Emergency Response and Rescue Corps also gives the chance for youngsters between the ages of 6 and 15 to join the cadet section of our corps, and be part of the very dynamic team. These youngsters will therefore indirectly be getting the chance to socialize with other children, introduce themselves to team work, benefit from learning first aid as well as outdoors values, as well as general health and safety points.

Our cadet team currently has 35 members who are being empowered with the knowledge about first aid and outdoor life.

The cadet unit meets every Saturday, where either indoor or outdoor activities will be planned according to the age group of the cadets. Cadets’ (age group 9 to 15) instruction includes learning how to handle spinal injuries, how to treat injuries with the most basic supplies, all about first aid, planning a hike and actually organizing it, knotting and how to pitch and strike a tent. Meanwhile, outdoor activities include putting what was learnt in theory into practice, going for hikes; both day and night hikes, night games, camping, etc. Also, cadets are in chance of assisting during public services organized by the Corps. On the other hand Junior Cadets (age group 6 to 9) benefit from learning health and safety tips in the home, at the beach, when riding a bike, and so on. The very basics of first aid will also be included in their meetings, followed by lots and lots of indoor and outdoor fun activities!

All these skills, values and chances to learn will without doubt be a reference to be the best cadet one could ever be. Once the cadet reaches age 16, he/she will become a trainee volunteer. 

Empowered to learn and help others – that is what the cadet section is all about!


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