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Emergency Response and Rescue Corps


Calm Waters is a Youth Initiative project, being run by a group of youth members of the Emergency Response and Rescue Corp (ERRC).

Read more: E.R.R.C.’s Calm Water Project with disabled youths.

Early this afternoon, an elderly Maltese swimmer died in Marsalforn while he was swimming. The sea condition was save for swimming and the causes of his death are not yet known. Despite the immediate basic life support provided by an off duty doctor and lifeguards, the victim died. Today was the second day of lifeguarding duty by ERRC in Marsalforn Bay.

The Emergency Response and Rescue Corps express Condolences to the relatives of the victim.

This afternoon, at around 2pm, a 24-year-old Maltese swimmer suffered from laceration to the feet when she was hit by a boat propeller. She was assisted by the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps Lifeguards onsite and taken to Mgarr Harbour with hydro ambulance, Lifesaver 1.Then she was transported to the Gozo General Hospital with an ambulance.

In addition to the lifeguarding service in Comino and Ramla Bay in Gozo, as from next Saturday, the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps was assigned to give lifeguarding coverage in Marsalforn Bay.

Read more: Swimmer suffered from laceration at Blue Lagoon, Lifeguarding Service in Marsalforn Bay from next...


This morning, a 17-year-old Maltese swimmer, was assisted by lifeguards of the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps after jumping from Comino at the Blue Lagoon in Comino. He was treated for spinal injury and transported with Lifesaver 1 to Mgarr Harbour. From there he was then transported to the Gozo General Hospital with an ambulance.

Read more: Swimmer assisted by ERRC after jumping off Comino

Yesterday afternoon, lifeguards of the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps have assisted two persons at Ramla Bay in Gozo. The two victims were a fifty-year-old British and a Maltese in his thirties. Both of them were tired swimmers and were dragged ashore by the lifeguards. The British suffered from near drowning and required urgent intervention to pull him out of the sea.

Read more: ERRC Lifeguards assisted 2 swimmers in Ramla Bay, Gozo.