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Abseiling for All is a Youth Initiative project, being run by a group of youth members of the Emergency Response and Rescue Corp (ERRC).

The project will give the opportunity to a number of disabled youths to undertake part in numerous abseiling and zip line events with the aim to empower themselves through sport activities. With the assistance of senior ERRC volunteers , the participating youths will be supervised and assisted throughout the activities.

The initiative is being funded by the European Commission under the Youth in Action Programme managed by the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA). This project was made possible thanks to the technical assistance provided by the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee (MEUSAC) which has assisted us during the planning and design of the project.

006This morning members of the E.R.R.C were hosted at the AFM headquarters for a certificate award ceremony. This saw the end of an overseas training cooperation between both entities. One AFM Air Wing Rescue swimmer as well as two ERRC Members (one of whom is an AFM Airwing member), have undergone Maritime Search and Rescue Training in Norway last September.

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Yesterday evening, at around 7pm, two volunteers of the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps noticed a boat in distress, due to bad weather. They approached the boat and found the captain struggling as he couldn't approach the harbour.

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Last Friday, the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps held a Certificate Presentation Ceremony at the Ministry for Gozo. Certificates of various competences, including First Aid, Lifeguarding, Emergency Medical Technician and International Instructor qualification, were presented to the sixty volunteers who attended for the event.

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Between the 27th and 29th of September 2013 a group of eight Emergency Response & Rescue Corps volunteers went to Legnano, Milan for an International Rescue Training Camp of civil protection exercises called Codice 3. Having already participated back in 2011, this was the 2nd time that E.R.R.C. volunteers had participated in this training camp and were welcomed warmly by all participants. Amongst those present, there were French representatives, Polish volunteers, a large number of Italian ambulance organisations such as Croce Bianca and Croce Verde and also the Protezione Civile (CPD) and Interarma who were conducting the simulations.

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