Emergency Response and Rescue Corps

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Between the 27th and 29th of September 2013 a group of eight Emergency Response & Rescue Corps volunteers went to Legnano, Milan for an International Rescue Training Camp of civil protection exercises called Codice 3. Having already participated back in 2011, this was the 2nd time that E.R.R.C. volunteers had participated in this training camp and were welcomed warmly by all participants. Amongst those present, there were French representatives, Polish volunteers, a large number of Italian ambulance organisations such as Croce Bianca and Croce Verde and also the Protezione Civile (CPD) and Interarma who were conducting the simulations.

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The lifeguarding service in the beaches entrusted to the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps stopped at the end of last month. The Emergency Response and Rescue Corps did lifeguarding service at Blue Lagoon in Comino and Ramla Bay and Marsalforn Bay in Gozo.

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Last Saturday, on Independence Day, the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps in collaboration with the Malta Blood Transfusion Services, Gozo General Hospital Blood Donation Department and the Arkadia Shopping Complex have organized the Blood Drive at the Arkadia Shopping Complex in Victoria. It was held between 8.30am and 1pm and attracted 39 blood donors, most of which were first time donors. This event is organized on an annual basis to increase the awareness of blood donation and at the same time attract more individuals to become blood donors.

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This afternoon a man in his late forties from Australia suffering from chest pain was assisted by the Lifeguards of the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps at Blue Lagoon in Comino. He was taken to Mgarr Harbour with the ERRC hydro ambulance Lifesaver 1 to get further medical care at the Gozo General Hospital. He was taken to the hospital with an ambulance.

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Abseiling for all is a Youth Initiative project, being run by a group of youth members of the Emergency Response and Rescue Corp (ERRC). The project will give the opportunity to a number of disabled youths and other youths to take part in rope related activities and abseiling programme with the aim to empower themselves through sport activities.

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