Emergency Response and Rescue Corps

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Recently two ERRC staff and volunteers, Dr Matthew Montabello and Mr Etienne Micallef have indergone specialised training in full cave diving and rescue. The training was done in Sicily, Italy and it was hosted by ISDA (International Scuba Diving Academy). 

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Today, Emergency Response and Rescue Corps Volunteers and Cadets participated in the World Clean up Campaign 2014 in two different places.

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Being the Maltese faculty of PHTLS, the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps has conducted a Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) course over two days on the 26 and 27 April at the ERRC training headquarters. The twelve participants, made up of six volunteers of the ERRC and six personnel from the Armed Forces of Malta, who enrolled for the course, have successfully completed it.

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As in previous years, the Nadur Local Council has entrusted the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps to provide first aid and ambulance service at the 5-day carnival festivities in Nadur. The carnival in Nadur draws large crowds, its majority from Malta. As always, Saturday was the most crowded, making it the busiest day for the volunteers of the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps, having to cater for large amount of casualties.

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Abseiling for All is a Youth Initiative project, being run by a group of youth members of the Emergency Response and Rescue Corp (ERRC).

The project will give the opportunity to a number of disabled youths to undertake part in numerous abseiling and zip line events with the aim to empower themselves through sport activities. With the assistance of senior ERRC volunteers , the participating youths will be supervised and assisted throughout the activities.

The initiative is being funded by the European Commission under the Youth in Action Programme managed by the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA). This project was made possible thanks to the technical assistance provided by the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee (MEUSAC) which has assisted us during the planning and design of the project.