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Civil Protection Diving Training in Italy

  • Posted on:  Saturday, 04 May 2013 02:00

Last week, a member and volunteer of the scuba diving unit of the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps, Mr Daniel Sultana, have completed successfully a one-week training course in Civil Protection Diving. This course not only covered Under Water Rescue Operations and other underwater techniques, but also abseiling technique in conjunction to reach and retrieve at hard to access locations such as cliffs.

Mr Sultana went through various under water training scenarios. These  varied from basic under water rescue skills to training using advanced equipment and techniques. The latter consisted in recovery of items using abseiling techniques, the use of a full face mask, use of dry suit, use of standard technical equipment, underwater searches and other underwater works in neutral buoyancy. On most of the scenarios Mr Sultana worked alone with a supervising buddy.

This course was funded by the European Union Program Grundtvig.

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