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ERRC participates in Pre-Hospital Care EU Project

  • Posted on:  Thursday, 09 October 2014 02:00

Under the Grundtvig Project, four volunteers of the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps have attended a European Project in Pre-Hospital Care in Italy. The he project aims to train and develop the professional skills of a group of participants originating from GGH and E.R.R.C. in relation to pre- hospital care, to transfer the knowledge acquired during such training and pass it on to other people involved in such field and to learn about the process and mechanisms and technologies required to develop pre-hospital emergency care.

Pre-hospital care is a specialized area of medicine, which involves the recovery and caring of casualties suffering from trauma, stabilizing the patient on site and then eventual transfer of the patient to hospital via an ambulance. Several skills are involved, ranging form medicine and rescue to triage. The latter is the sorting of casualties as per need in time of multiple casualty incidents, were resources are limited, and care must by given to the most person in need.

Recently we have experienced situations in which our pre-hospital care system was tested. Accidents such as the Floriana bus accident, the two fireworks incidents at Gharb in Gozo have highlighted the need to better equip ourselves for such situations. This applies to human capital training and actual resources. Nowadays, emergency medicine is a new field of science and new methods techniques emerge every day.

In Italy the participants were exposed to disaster medicine, mass incidents, casualty moulage, K9, water safety and human psycology.

The initiative is being funded by the European Commission under the Grundtvig in service training managed by the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA). This project was made possible thanks to the technical assistance provided by the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee (MEUSAC) which has assisted during the planning and design of the project.

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