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New Volunteers join ERRC

  • Posted on:  Sunday, 28 February 2016 01:00

The E.R.R.C. Water Rescue unit has been providing an outstanding service since it initiated in 2011 since the unit provided water rescue service at two of our local beaches; Ramla Bay in Gozo and Blue Lagoon Bay in Comino, after which the service was then extended to Marsalforn Bay in Gozo.  Last year the Water Rescue unit also provided service at two other beaches, in Santa Marija Bay in Comino and Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay in Gozo.

The unit has several water rescue personnel that are trained in professional lifeguarding.  This includes rescues, hazard spotting, trauma and emergency care. This enables the rescuers to face and deal with real life and challenging emergencies.

Last summer, the unit intervened in 2523 cases, including the assistance of 463 swimmers who were in difficulty, while also intervening in other cases ranging from minor to major injuries on land, as well as multiple near drowning cases. People that sustained major trauma or medical emergencies were transported to the mainland using our hydro ambulances.  

The two hydro ambulances, stationed at the Blue Lagoon and Marsalforn Bay are a huge asset. Last summer alone the hydro ambulances were involved in assisting divers and also transporting patients. A typical case was that of a sudden cardiac arrest involving a swimmer, whose attempts at rescue and CPR were successful. Moreover, the unit is often called to assist the Civil Protection Department, Malta Police Force and the Armed Forces of Malta in certain rescues where the intervention of the hydro ambulances is of utmost importance.

The helping of others is rewarding both personally for the rescuers, and to the organization itself, even more so when assisted swimmers contact us after their experience & express their immense gratitude.

The E.R.R.C. has always provided the best training to its volunteers. This training was conducted locally or abroad via exchanges with other established organizations. Besides the local arena, E.R.R.C. has opened its doors to international deployment, the latest two volunteers in the Aegean Sea to rescue migrants.

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