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The Emergency Response and Rescue Corps has embarked in its first international overseas project.  The project is funded and supported by the Malta Overseas Development Aid Program run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It aims to provide safe drinking water in a disaster prone area in Waspan in Nicaragua.

The project entails the identification of the community needs and installation of wells. The community will be educated on how to up keep the wells and water quality monitoring.  There have been already discussions to directly involve the communities in the area in all stages of the project in the project.  Manual work is starting next week.

E.R.R.C. is a voluntary organization that operates in the field of humanitarian response. Disaster response, prevention and mitigation are other areas in which the ERRC operates.  The project is being done in close cooperation with Samaritan International, a worldwide relief organization. ERRC has achieved all the required standards so as to become a full member of Samaritan International, representing the Samaritans in Malta.

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