The Emergency Response and Rescue Corps (ERRC) is a voluntary, charitable and not for profit organization based in Gozo, Malta. It was created with the aim of preventing and alleviating human suffering, improving the situation of the most vulnerable people with absolute impartiality and without any discrimination as to gender, nationality, religion, race, class, religious or political beliefs. 

Its purpose is to protect and preserve human life and to ensure respect for the human being. It provides assistance to government established departments (as per statute) in providing specialised training to personnel and required assistance in emergency  situations. Furthermore, ERRC offers water rescue service at popular beaches around Gozo and Comino during the summer months, ambulance services and first aid posts during public events. ERRC is a volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.

Youths are an integral part of our organisation. Over 80 percent our volunteers are youths. Children as young as 7 years old form part of our Youth Section where they benefit from socializing with other children learn basic first aid as well as general health and safety and most importantly, have lots of fun while taking part in various activities. 

Some of the activities include: camping, BBQs, night games, hikes, abseiling, outings to Malta and Comino and much more. Youths are introduced to community service,  integration and other social issues and motivated to do volunteer work.

E.R.R.C. Mission

Organization that operates in the humanitarian field. Namely, Ambulance Service, First Aid, Life Guarding and Health and Safety training, Disaster Response, Civil Protection etc.


  • To act as auxiliary to the Maltese government, civil protection authorities and health department in terms of health and civil protection matters
  • To assist the Armed Forces of Malta with the running of specialised rescue programs for its Corps;
  • To assist the Malta Police Force with the running of specialised rescue programs for its personnel;
  • To assist the Malta Police Force and the Armed Forces of Malta in providing relief services or any other services for irregular immigrants provided that these services are not in conflict with the Mission and Purpose of the organization 
  • To closely cooperate with the Civil Protection Department and Public Authorities involved in the management of disaster situations, regardless of their nature.
  • To carry out health and welfare programs for the benefit of particularly vulnerable groups, always promoting responsible co-participation with other organisations and the population at large.
  • To promote and contribute to environmental protection and preservation.
  • To co-operate with other organisations that share similar beliefs as ERRC.
  • To show a constant readiness to provide assistance and a universal sense of solidarity to all those in need of its protection and assistance.